12 Katie Skurja Part 2: Lion & Lamb

Have you experienced “mom shame?” We have all experienced the painful wound of shame and how it can paralyze us from living our true identity. Katie Skurja brings us a message of dealing with and healing from shame in our lives and helping our children experience that same freedom. In this episode, she presents the beautiful paradox of parenting as both a “lion and a lamb.” Katie Skurja is the Founder and Director of Imago Dei Ministries. She has a double masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Spiritual Formation. The purpose of Imago Dei Ministries is to help people everywhere engage in a Christ- centered healing process that transforms relationships with God, self, and others.


Imago Dei Ministries

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“You cannot talk someone out of their shame. It’s just an impervious force. Words will not penetrate it, and as a matter of fact can even make it stronger. And we’re often so afraid to speak those words of our shame because we fear that it’s gonna give it power, or we fear that it’s gonna make it true, or we fear that someone’s gonna not love us if we say that. And yet it’s in actually identifying the things that we believe in our shame that allow us to bring it into the light, where it can be healed.” -Katie

“When we allow ourselves to be human is when we can actually go back to living the way we were meant to be…in the garden we were created as human and God called us very good…When we expect ourselves to be perfect we’re not allowing ourselves to be human, and that takes us out of right relationship with God.” -Katie

“With our children sometimes we just need to help them to name it. We need to help them to understand what it is they’re feeling.” -Katie

“Christ is the image of the unseen God and so we can look to Christ to understand that Imago Dei within us, and Christ contains both lion and lamb…He’s the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. They’re both held within and we have both. And it’s a simple metaphor that even children can understand.” - Katie

“If I can own my lion as well as my lamb, then I can live out of my diamond, where I’m not gonna judge the lion in this child as bad, and now I can help them to find their lamb. But I can’t really help this child to find their lamb side if I don’t know my diamond.” -Katie

“If you are a lion-leading person who doesn’t know your lamb side, your lamb child is going to be afraid of you, no matter how gently you come across, because they’re going to see your fangs and your claws and know that you can tear them apart.” -Katie

“It’s like a tree…a tree is used in the Scriptures a lot, a tree planted by waters. It just is. It’s just powerful and it’s strong and it’s standing there, and it’s taking in energy and it’s giving out energy, and it’s a place to find shade and comfort, but it’s strength. It’s strength and grace all at the same time.” -Katie

“If I don’t value both of them (lion and lamb) in me, then I can’t help them find what’s missing in them.” -Katie

“The cool thing about our children is, because their layers aren’t so solidified yet, like us adults, they’re much more moldable and we can get through the shame in a much easier way than if we wait until they’re in their 30s and 40s.” -Katie

“We actually handicap them (children) by trying to protect them from their worst fears. And we make them stronger by going after that, and if we can do it from our diamond then we won’t add shame to their shame.” -Katie

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