09 Brooke Peterson Part 1: Choosing Vibrant Health

Author and speaker Brooke Peterson joins us in this two-part series about finding true freedom in our physical and emotional health. Her journey in overcoming an eating disorder became a platform for sharing simple yet life-changing wisdom for women in any stage of their health journey. Discover how a renewed mind can renew your body as well. 


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“When the way of your being lines up with the truth of your being, that’s where you find freedom.” –Baxter Krueger 


“I was convinced that…once I got married, for sure this is going to go away. There’s  no way I can carry these habits into a marriage…. I thought for sure once I have my first child, there’s no way I can continue in these habits…I do not want to leave a legacy of this for my daughter…And I looked at the reality of my situation and realizing, I am still not free from this.” –Brooke

“Although my freedom story happened in an instant, there’s still an aspect of partnering with that freedom and choosing it every day and walking it out …there’s the practical of actually walking this out…how do I do this in a freedom way? How do I do this in a way that’s not restrictive, but brings me life?” –Brooke

“I see so many women starting with a crazy exercise program, starting with a crazy diet, thinking that if they accomplish the diet …the workout program, then they will…receive the joy…the identity…the affirmation that they’re after. But it’s flipped…We’ve got to start with this place of understanding our identity, our intrinsic value, and from there if we do the right things, will produce lasting results...We have to start with the perspective of identity, of security, of enjoying the process. And then when we do the right things, we’ll get the results faster and they’ll actually be lasting.” –Brooke

“When we have a renewed mindset, literally our bodies are able to go into this rest and digest mode…There’s no middle ground. You’re either ‘rest and digest’ or you are ‘fight and flight.’” –Brooke

“Our cells need to feel safe, and this only happens if we are having this renewed mindset and our cells feel safe to open up. When our cells can open up in this safe state of being…those environmental toxins have a place to leave…This can only happen in a state of rest and digest…having a renewed mind.” –Brooke

“This is how we change our thoughts, by speaking the truth out loud…when we do the work to identify the root, identify the lie, renew our minds, not only are we happier, healthier humans, but we can reach our physical goals quicker.” –Brooke

“Liberty is the ability to live as you should, not as you please…true liberty is delighting in taking a run or going on a walk…that is true freedom. But it doesn’t happen necessarily trying to muster our own strength. It comes out of this place of rest; it comes out of this place of identity.” –Brooke

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