08 Mom Matters Too

Christy and Kaylin dive in and dissect a significant and sometimes controversial topic: Self-care. As moms we are exposed to a variety of views about this topic. In today’s episode of The Mom Podcast, we dig into Jesus’ words and examine the heart of God for moms. Be encouraged as you join the discussion in Episode 8, “Mom Matters Too.”


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Luke 10:27 “And he answered, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.’”

1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us.”




“We have to care for ourselves in order to be able to be present to care for our kiddos, and that can really be a complicated thing to find that balance between making sure we are healthy enough to be present and active, and able to care well for our kids, and then giving all the time and energy for our kids that they require…when we’re the primary person responsible for them.” -Christy

“A lot of times we have misconceptions on what it means to take care of ourselves , because a lot of times we go for self-help when that’s really not helpful because we’re trying to do it on our own. So what does it look like to take care of ourselves in the responsibility we’ve been given for ourselves, without overstepping and trying to do everything on our own?” -Kaylin

“God showed me that I needed to matter to me. That in order to take care of me, I need to see that I matter, and I need to believe that I matter to other people.” -Johanna

“The best way to take good care of your daughters is to model for them taking good care of yourself.” -Christy

“What are the one or two things you might need every day, or once a week, that you need to carve out time for, or have a hard boundary around, so that your needs are being met so that your tank can be fueled, because it is impossible to give out of an empty tank… we also have to have something to give from.” -Christy

“We’re modeling boundaries to our kids in that moment, we’re modeling taking care of yourself and being filled to take care of others. And you’re actually able to take care of them in a healthier way when you’re either starting your day, or whatever it might look like for you…if I don’t have the emotional capacity, I’m going to be short with my kids; I’m not going to be parenting well.” -Kaylin

“My job as a mom is not to do everything for my kids, it’s to train them and raise them up to be able to gradually… do it for themselves.” -Christy

“You set up boundaries based on your values. And don’t we want to see our kids valuing themselves?” -Kaylin

“In my journey of learning to love others, I don’t think I could love somebody else if I didn’t love myself,because I understand that Christ has made me, and I understand that Christ has made them, and there’s that connection that says, I can love them because I love myself. The only reason I can love God is because He loved me … Because I am loved I can love.” -Kaylin

“If we love because He first loved us, my girls are not going to be able to just automatically love, they’re going to have to receive love from me…I as a mom cannot love from a place of emptiness. I have to receive God’s love first to then be able to love my children well.” -Christy

Kaylin Quella