05 Being Female - In the Image of God

What does it look like to be female, and to reflect God’s image of femininity? How has God been a mother to you? It’s a somewhat messy but vital topic both in our culture and in the Church. Join Kaylin and Christy today in a candid discussion of what it truly means to be female, and in unearthing the profound meaning of “ezer kenegdo.” Here in Episode 5 of The Mom Podcast, you will hear God’s heart for you in whatever capacity or stage of life you find yourself in. And don’t forget to subscribe to The Mom Podcast, so you will always be the first to know when the next episode comes out!


MUSIC SPOTLIGHT:  Song “Like the Rain” by JESS Album: Nothing Wasted

Verses that describe Gods’ nurture and protection for us: Deuteronomy 32:11-12, Matthew 23:37, Luke 13:34, Isaiah 66:13

Verses about being made in God’s image: Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:18

For more information on the meaning of “ezer kenegdo” from Genesis 2:18:

Woman, a Power Equal to Man, by R. David Freedman

Man and Woman in Biblical Unity: Theology from Genesis 2–3, by Joy Fleming

God’s Word to Women: Word Study: Ezer Kenegdo

Pastor Josh Krehbiel: "WOMEN: God's Original Design" (05.12.19)


“We believe… that everybody reflects who God is because God made us in His image… that’s our Imago Dei, that’s who we are, our worth and value.” Kaylin

“As Mothers Day happened recently, I’ve been finding myself asking, how has God ‘mothered’ me, and how do I learn what it looks like for me to be a woman, and in my role of caring for my daughters? As a mom, how am I reflecting the very nature of God?” Christy

“That’s part of the fall in our humanity is we put others as ‘lesser than’ to bring ourselves up, to make ourselves more than… it’s this ‘lesser than/ greater than’ struggle… if we look back into the garden… we were created to be equal… in face-to-face relationship with God Himself.” Kaylin

“We see in Genesis that He will make a helper and we assume that that’s a ‘lesser than,’ ‘underneath’ relationship, instead of this ‘face to face.’” Kaylin

“God was not making a ‘kitchen assistant’ to Adam, but He was making a partner corresponding to the man…the word uses [of Ezer] often refer to God Himself for His people: Being a helper to His people, a strength to His people, a rescuer to His people.” Christy

“If you’ve had strong healthy women in your life, thank God for that, and I know that they will be  informing your thoughts on who you should be as a woman. And if you haven’t, there’s still hope, because God mothers us.” Christy

“It [femininity] will come out differently for everyone, but…I don’t have to say I’m ‘just a mom,’ because I know that I have the power and strength given to me, and my value isn’t necessarily what I’m doing… but because of my value I can move forward in what I’m doing with power and strength, and be there with my husband as a couple.” -Kaylin

“Wherever we are in our stage of life…our strength is God-given; it’s intrinsic to our femininity, and that’s going to play out in so many different ways: Full time working woman, full time stay at home mom, and anything in between. Our strength is a huge part of our intrinsic femininity given to us by God.” Christy

“What we do and what we bring to the community around us is sacred, because God, in us, is sacred.” Christy

Kaylin Quella