04 Tahni Cullen 2: Blessing - The Power of Our Words


Episode 4 of The Mom Podcast is part 2 of a 2-episode series with author and speaker Tahni Cullen. In this episode, she shares her experience of how God revealed his love and blessing to her through her parenting journey. She has written a book called Josiah’s Fire, in which she recounts the incredible story of hope and God’s love through her autistic son. Tahni lays out how the greatest inheritance we can leave our children is for them to see us receive God’s love, and for them to see that love extended to them. God is not waiting for our performance, but desires true relationship and “shalom” for both us and for our children. Learn more in today’s episode about how to intentionally pass on this blessing to those around us.


Tahni Cullin



“There is a supernatural, cosmic chain… that will literally invoke and create ripples and repercussions throughout the earth that breaks the chains of depression, anxiety, and every kind of circumstance that really seeks to keep us bound and not living the life that is free- that Jesus said He came to give us.” Tahni

“Faith is believing for kites to fly when there’s no wind in sight.” Josiah Cullen

“God is reaching my child in places I can’t go- to have that level of trust even when it feels like- well why don’t’ you just fix it, why don’t you just fix him? But to realize God’s taking him through a process too… parenting has changed my heart… changed my ideas about God and about myself.” Tahni

“I saw in really going through the psalms, David who was honest… ‘I am in a pit… I am being consumed by enemies…’ and he would just keep reaching out.” Tahni

“You’ve just described the two sides of the bowling alley lane- lose your ball in this gutter or that gutter or send it down the middle… I’ve got to hear God perfectly or do everything the right way… you better get it right so that God does what you want or what you’re hoping for happens… I’m this pawn in a cosmic chess game and I don’t have much control.”  Christy

“We know that from the Bible, we love God because he first loved us. But we often teach our kids and raise kids… to love God like it’s our duty… I’ve decided I really want to raise my kids in a way that before I say “let’s praise God”…  I want them to just hear me shower them with the truth… I want them to be receivers of love.” Christy

“Family and motherhood and parenthood and all of those things- how can we get this right if we’re not able to receive that same kind of fatherly love ourselves?” Tahni

“Kids are under so much pressure, so much oppression, bullying, words against them that are tearing down their destiny…and their self-worth. If we don’t fill them up as parents, who is going to? We need to teach them how to receive that (God’s love) and to be a blessing to others.” Tahni

“It literally is exuding a blessing that says, ‘I wish well for you: that there is nothing missing, nothing broken in your life- that there would be wholeness and completeness in your life, and in fact let me release to you a blessing that is that which destroys the authority of chaos over your life. That is Shalom.” Tahni

“There’s weight behind our words, our names, what we ascribe energy toward, belief toward, so we can be more intentional to realize… the words we’re speaking… they mean something; they stick. And when they are life giving words, do we realize how important those words are… that they are going to mean something and they’re going to stick.” Tahni

“A lot of times we see our child’s coat of their circumstance instead of seeing who they really are. I think that can be a block for us to really, truly understand how to speak a blessing, and to see who they truly are… I think a lot of times we start telling them ‘just obey, just do this’ and start shaming them because that’s what we see, instead of seeing their true selves.” Kaylin

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