14 Decisions

When we make decisions, are we are just chess pieces in danger of ruining the “grand plan”? Or are we a part of a more intricate tapestry of choices as we walk with God in relationship with Him? Today on The Mom Podcast, Kaylin and Christy discuss the beauty of making choices in freedom and grace, rather than in fear and shame. The perspective we hold regarding our ability to make choices reflects the way we view God’s character. And we can trust Him to always work all choices for our good.



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“I wanted signs in the sky. I went to every kind of authority figure in my life that I thought might be able to give me input, and I was terrified of getting it wrong…I kind of viewed it as like, God has this ‘Plan A’ for my life, and If I don’t make the right decision every time, I will get off, and I’ll suddenly have gotten to ‘Plan B’…that His first best for me would be missed.” –Christy

“It’s about relationship rather than…this authority structure of- I better get it right and figure it out, or else somehow God is going to be upset with me, or in His disappoint will never let me have His best.” –Christy

“In making a decision, we can go to people that help us and they can give us counsel, but in the end we’ve been given intrinsic authority, and that is us- our direct relationship to God Himself.” -Kaylin

“Ultimately we are the ones who are responsible for the choices we make, and nobody else ends up fully sharing in them the way we will.” –Christy

“I missed this whole concept that the dreams God puts in our hearts are from Him, and I lived a lot of my life thinking I needed to please God, kinda like a servant relationship rather than a child relationship…I wanted so badly to please God that I assumed it would have to be at the expense of all of the dreams in my heart.” –Christy

“We might be facing two choices, neither one is right or wrong, but we can choose and there’s joy in that.” –Kaylin

“We are in the image of our Creator God, and so it can be a joy to make decisions when we begin to see it from that freedom lens, rather than this fear lens.” –Christy

“Even when we make decisions that hurt others, or do hurt ourselves…that doesn’t mean the canvas is ruined.” –Kaylin

“If God can bring good from anything we do, then I think that can free us from a lot of fear…out of all of them God can bring beauty.” –Christy

“When you’re making decisions, I think it’s super important to understand what we think is successful versus what IS successful.” –Kaylin

“Your intrinsic authority means that others can’t tell you how to make decisions, but they can give you advice and feedback when you seek it, and seeking counsel is very important and good. But at the end of the day your decision process will be unique to you, and you get to make it in the freedom of relationship with a kind and loving Father who is FOR you.” –Christy

Kaylin Quella