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Christy and Kaylin share their backgrounds and journeys to becoming moms at very different stages of life from each other. Christy shares about growing up on multiple continents and dreaming of a life of travel and adventure, which she pursued until she married in her mid-thirties and soon after became a mom to twins. Kaylin married her high school sweetheart knowing she wanted to be a mom, and a couple years later became a mom in her early twenties. In this first episode of The Mom Podcast, Christy and Kaylin discuss their unexpected challenges in motherhood and some of the topics the podcast will be covering. Rather than offering parenting tips in this podcast, they plan to bring in many guests to interview and learn from on future episodes. They also will have some episodes where they share lessons from their own journey and encouragement for women in any stage of nurturing others.

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Kaylin & Christy


“I discovered that becoming a mom has been everything my heart longs for and more. It’s extremely rewarding as well as incredibly challenging.” -Christy

“I was not prepared for some of the challenges that would come with momming… and the mom community and the expectations there can be for perfection from others and ourselves” -Christy

“I think women need women, especially when you’re going through pregnancy and those mothering things that aren’t talked about …   “ -Kaylin

“I thought I had an awareness of myself and then I became a mom and all these feelings of shame and all these lies that start creeping like “my body is not good enough; I don’t know what I’m doing; I’m not important enough…” All these things can start weighing you down; becoming a mom is very difficult.” -Kaylin

“Becoming a mom is threatening to your identity if you placed any sense of your value or worth as a woman in any of the titles or roles you’ve had. So many of those get stripped away because you’re now just at home alone with this baby wondering what to do now; I was faced a lot with questions of what am I contributing to society now?”   -Christy

“I now love saying ‘I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom,’ but it’s come with a journey to get there without shame or feeling the need to give qualifiers... to believe and feel like this is enough.” -Christy

“I find myself saying “I’m just a mom” like you’re not important or enough. And I think that’s the question that moms and humans ask themselves: “Am I enough?” So I think this conversation is important because I really want to talk about our self care and taking care of our heart because there’s not a lot out there for support when you’re sitting out there alone with your baby or you have just entered into having a new child and you’re alone with your emotions and thinking “I don’t know what to do with these emotions…” -Kaylin

“I found myself thinking, ‘What do we as moms need to be able to make these kinds of decisions from a place of freedom and validation in who we are such that we’re not choosing something to get our validation from what we’re doing? How do we live knowing that who we are is enough and believe that who we are as a mom is enough?’” -Christy

Kaylin & Christy share a Polar Bear story from Como Zoo about the health of the mama bear being important and critical for her to be able to care for her cubs. “Something struck us when the zookeeper said ‘the mom’s health is important to be able to take care of the cubs…’” -Kaylin

“I don’t think we as moms will ever be satisfied as moms if we’re trying to get our sense of value out of our momming or anything we do. We’ll never be fully satisfied when we’re comparing or trying to get our worth from anything of the things we’re doing.” -Christy

“Loving God, loving ourselves and loving others is our goal…” -Christy

“We’re never going to arrive; it’s a process and that’s part of being human and that’s beautiful.” -Kaylin

Our definition of being a mom is very broad and might be different than what you might expect. For The Mom Podcast, a listening “mom” could be a woman who has given birth, fosters, has adopted or who mentors and loves people - that is our definition of mom.” -Kaylin

“Our goal is to take you on a journey with us of process toward becoming more confident moms who are journeying with others in a similar state of life...knowing we’re enough!” -Christy

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